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Discover the Best 15 Free and Paid AI Interior Design Tools


Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Pinterest and swiping through Instagram for interior design inspiration? Well, fear not, because the age of AI interior design tools is here to revolutionize the way we conceptualize and execute home décor.

In this article, we will explore some of the best free and paid AI interior design tools available in today’s market. Whether you’re an amateur decorator looking for guidance or a seasoned design enthusiast seeking new tools to elevate your creativity, these innovative applications are set to take your interior design journey to unprecedented heights.

AI Interior Design

* Please note that the information provided here is based on personal knowledge, and it’s always recommended to click each tool title to visit their website directly for the most up-to-date and accurate details regarding their features, pros & cons, and pricing.

REimagineHome is an innovative AI-based platform designed for virtual staging, remodeling, landscaping, and interior design.

The platform offers various AI solutions to reimagine and enhance spaces, from virtual staging of rooms to visualization of renovations and landscape designs.

REimagineHome functions by allowing you to upload photos of your spaces and enter your design preferences. Based on this input, the platform’s AI algorithms generate customized design ideas and visualizations.

Pricing Plan: Free & Paid is a platform centered around AI-driven home remodeling and renovation. It provides users with a streamlined and efficient way to conceptualize, plan, and visualize home improvement projects.

Through its AI-powered tools and technology, it offer large selection of themes to choose from in combination with a variety of different interiors and exteriors.

AI Interior Design Themes offer a wide variety of themes and rooms. They have a large selection of themes to choose from in combination with a variety of different interiors and exteriors.

Pricing Plan: Paid Only

Midjourney is revolutionizing the world of image generation with its groundbreaking technology. Personally, I think its images have superior quality and very close to natural photos.

Additionally, the platform has a user-friendly interface with superior AI capabilities, and extensive design options.

However, Midjourney is mainly an image generator, and not specifically interior design platform. So, you may not be able to use plans, elevations, and dimensions.

Pricing Plan: Paid Only

Example: The Nabatean is an AI conceptual design for a desert resort hotel created with Midjourney by Edwin Wyatt.

InteriorAI is an innovative online platform that specializes in interior design and home decor. With its advanced AI technology, InteriorAI aims to simplify the process of designing and decorating living spaces, making it more accessible to anyone.

With its intuitive features and cutting-edge technology, this AI-driven platform is set to revolutionize the way we approach interior design and spark creativity in homeowners around the world.

In order to generate multiple AI Interior Design suggestions for a particular space, the user must provide an image of the area that requires modification and answer a set of specific questions. InteriorAI features include the followings:

  • Unlimited renders
  • Faster & higher quality renders
  • AI sharpening & masking brush
  • Keep originals & renders private
  • 30+ more styles and room types
  • Virtual staging mode
  • Premium support
  • Commercial usage license

Pricing Plan: Paid Only is a dynamic platform that harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize interior design. It provides users with intuitive tools to redesign their room in seconds.

I uploaded an old room photo, specified the room type, and selected room theme to redesign.

Pricing Plan: Free & Paid is an innovative platform that use AI Interior Design. It offers users a seamless and intuitive experience in visualizing and planning their interior spaces.

Simply, it works in 3 steps:

  1. add your photo or sketch, set your settings in DecorAI.
  2. Let DecorAI analyze the photo super fast.
  3. Get a high quality interior design idea within seconds.

In fact, this platform aims to simplify the interior design process by offering smart suggestions and enabling users to create realistic 3D visualizations of their envisioned spaces.

Pricing Plan: Paid Only

AI Room Styles generates images randomly using Artificial Intelligence with your parameters. It means that every generated image is 100% unique, even using the same parameters.

Those random images are generated to bring you ideas to make the room of your dreams! Whether you’re an individual, architect, or real estate agent, you can now effortlessly transform your rooms’ pictures into new ones in a few clicks.

Pricing Plan: Free & Paid

DALL E 2 has emerged in the realm of artificial intelligence as a groundbreaking system that pushes the boundaries of image generation and artistic expression.

It is an AI-based system developed by OpenAI to transform people’s written prompts into images and paintings.

For interior design, DALL·E 2 could potentially assist in generating visual representations of specific design ideas or concepts described in natural language.

Finally, providing more information and specific details in the written prompt can lead to the creation of precise and creative artwork or a particular image generated by DALL·E 2.

Pricing Plan: Paid Only (by is an inventive platform merging AI technology with creative design tools. It empowers users to bring their imaginative concepts to life through a combination of AI-generated suggestions and customizable design elements.

This platform enables individuals to explore diverse creative possibilities, generate unique designs, and visualize their ideas using intuitive and user-friendly tools.

Example: Interior design AI visualizations created with DreamStudio by AIWLA team.

Finally, DreamStudio is by Stability AI which is the world’s leading open-source generative AI company. They deliver breakthrough, open-access AI models with minimal resource requirements in imaging, language, code, and audio.

Pricing Plan: Free & Paid

HomeDesignsAI is a web-based application that allows you to transform and redesign all the parts of your home, including interiors, exteriors, gardens, patios, and everything else.

Utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence, the app generates new concepts every few seconds, offering a wide range of styles, modes, room types, and more to help you achieve the desired outcome.

How to Use HomeDesignsAI in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Upload your image of any room type, house or garden.
  • Customize room type, AI strength, custom instructions, mode and design style.
  • Generate new decoration and design ideas in less than 30 seconds.

HomeDesignsAI is easy to be used by anyone, regardless of their knowledge or expertise in interiors, gardens or architecture. It can be utilized by homeowners seeking to remodel or build, architects in need of fresh ideas or instant results, interior designers looking for decorating suggestions and even landscapers.

Pricing Plan: Paid Only

Example: Interior design for living room with ultra modern style. created with Fotor by AIWLA Team

Fotor is an all-in-one photo editor for easy editing and better design. It is not specialized in interior design, but it has different AI tools for:

  1. Image Generator
  2. Face Generator
  3. Art generator
  4. Photo Effect
  5. Background Remover
  6. Photo Eraser
  7. Avatar Generator

Additionally, Fotor’s AI Interior Design feature is a cutting-edge tool that empowers users to reimagine and design living spaces effortlessly.

Through the integration of artificial intelligence, it offers intuitive functionalities for planning, visualizing, and transforming rooms with various furniture arrangements and decor elements.

This user-friendly platform enables individuals to experiment with design concepts, providing inspiration and practical solutions for creating personalized and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Pricing Plan: Free is an AI-powered interior design platform, coupled with a dedicated team of expert designers. Their mission is to craft innovative and personalized design experiences that bring your vision to life, ensuring quality and uniqueness every step of the way.

The platform combines advanced AI technology with the expertise of seasoned interior designers. Users simply upload an image of their space, select their design style, and the system offers initial AI-driven design suggestions. These are then refined by Spacely design team to ensure accuracy and style before being presented to the user.

Pricing Plan: Paid Only

AI Interior Design
Example: Enhanced interior design for living room created with CollovGPT by AIWLA Team is a cutting-edge platform leveraging AI technology to generates unique and personalized designs based on your client’s room layout.

It can transform your unique design styles into digital assets, allowing for real-time, customizable design visualizations.

You can easily create custom designs that perfectly fit your client’s needs and preferences.

Pricing Plan: Free & Paid

Example: Interior design for living room with ultra modern style. created with OpenArt by AIWLA Team is a pioneering platform that harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize the art world. It provides a space for artists and art enthusiasts to explore, create, and appreciate art in innovative ways.

Through advanced technology, can create fascinating interior design images, but it also offers unique AI apps for:

  1. Sketch to image
  2. Image Blender
  3. Sticker Generation
  4. Magic Brush
  5. Stock Inage Transfer
  6. Remove Background

Pricing Plan: Free & Paid is an innovative platform that redefines interior design through the power of AI. It provides a seamless and personalized experience for redesigning living spaces by offering virtual room makeovers and furniture placement suggestions.

With, users can visualize and experiment with different design elements, allowing them to transform their spaces efficiently and creatively without the hassle of physical changes.

The website showcases the platform’s capabilities, including its user-friendly interface and custom branding options. It also highlights how can be beneficial for various industries such as real estate, hospitality, and event management.

Pricing Plan: Paid Only

AI Room Planner is a great tool to generate interior design ideas. It can give you an idea of how a space could look and feel like.

Currently, it is in beta testing so you can use the Interior AI Design free with no limit. However, this could be changed in the future.

So let’s go and see how AI can bring tons of ideas for your room.

Pricing Plan: Free

Conclusion: The Power of AI Interior Design

In conclusion, AI interior design tools are revolutionizing the way we approach home décor and renovations. These sophisticated programs offer a level of creativity and precision that was previously unimaginable, empowering homeowners and designers alike to bring their visions to life with greater ease and efficiency.

As we continue to embrace these innovative technologies, it’s important to remember the value of human expertise in conjunction with AI tools, ensuring a harmonious balance between technology and traditional design sensibilities.

With the potential for even more advanced capabilities on the horizon, now is an exciting time to explore the possibilities that AI interior design tools have to offer. Embracing these tools can truly empower us to create spaces that are not only beautiful and functional but also reflective of our individual styles and personalities.

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