Careers for Interior Design

120 Careers for Interior Design You’ve Never Heard Of


Careers for interior design you’ve never heard of can be quite interesting and varied. Interior designers are in high demand, with plenty of opportunities available.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional career path in interior design or want to branch out into new and different fields, there are many careers paths that are available to you.

If you’re not familiar with some of the careers that fall under the interior design umbrella, here are 120 careers for interior designers you may not have considered:

Careers for Interior Design

  1. Acoustic Design
  2. Administrative Headquarters
  3. Adaptive Reuse
  4. Airplane Design
  5. Amusement Park Design
  6. Apartment/Condominium Design
  7. Aquarium Design
  8. Art Consultant
  9. Art Dealing
  10. Audiovisual Center Design
  11. Auditorium Design
  12. Barrier-Free Design
  13. Bathroom Design
  14. Beauty and Barber Shop Design
  15. CAD Specialist
  16. Carpet and Rug Design
  17. Ceramic Tile Design
  18. Closet Design
  19. Code Safety Design Law Specialist
  20. Color Consultation
  21. Commercial Design
  22. Computer Office Design
  23. Construction Supervision
  24. Corporate Campus Design
  25. Corporate In-House Design
  26. Country Club Design
  27. Dental Office Design
  28. Design for Children
  29. Design for In-Home Medical Care
  30. Design for Vision/Hearing Impairments
  31. Display/Exhibit Design
  32. Energy Conservation Design
  33. Ergonomic Design
  34. Facility Management
  35. Factory/Production Consulting
  36. Faux Finishes and Stenciling
  37. Feng Shui
  38. Forensic Consulting
  39. Funeral Home Design
  40. Furniture Design
  41. Geriatric Design
  42. Graphic Design
  43. Greenhouse Design
  44. Hard-Surface Flooring Design
  45. Hardware Design
  46. Health and Fitness Club Design
  47. Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse
  48. Home Office Design
  49. Hospital Design
  50. Hospitality Design
  51. Interior Landscaping
  52. Journalism
  53. Kennel Design
  54. Kitchen Design
  55. Law Office Design
  56. Library Design
  57. Licensing
  58. Lighting Design
  59. Lighting Fixture Design
  60. Liturgical Design
  61. Manufacturer In-House Design
  62. Manufacturer Representation
  63. Marine Design
  64. Marketing Specialist
  65. Medical Center Design
  66. Medical Office Design
  67. Modular Prefabricated Design
  68. Model Home Furnishing
  69. Mural Painting
  70. Museum Design
  71. Nursing Home Design
  72. Office Design
  73. Park Design
  74. Passenger Train and Bus Design
  75. Party and Ball Design
  76. Photographic Set Design
  77. Photography Stylist
  78. Plumbing Fixture Design
  79. Prison Design
  80. Product Design
  81. Product Display
  82. Product Evaluation
  83. Product Marketing
  84. Professional or Promotional Organizations
  85. Project Management
  86. Psychiatric Care Facility Design
  87. Public Relations
  88. Purchasing
  89. Real Estate Development
  90. Real Estate Upgrading
  91. Rendering
  92. Residential Design
  93. Restaurant Design
  94. Restaurant Kitchen Design
  95. Retail and Specialty Selling
  96. Retail Store Design
  97. Security Systems Design
  98. Set Design
  99. Shop-at-Home Services
  100. Shopping Mall Design
  101. Showroom Design
  102. Spaceship and Rocket Design
  103. Social Media
  104. Solar Design
  105. Stadium and Arena Design
  106. Storage Design
  107. Tabletop Display Design
  108. Teleconference Center Design
  109. Tenant Development Services
  110. Textile Design
  111. Training Center Design
  112. Transit Center Design
  113. Turnkey Services
  114. Underground Habitation
  115. Vacation Home Design
  116. Wallcovering Design
  117. Wall Finishes
  118. Wayfinding
  119. Web Blogging
  120. Window Treatment Design

Discover the possibilities with a career in interior design!

Interior design is an important and growing field that offers a variety of career options.

There are many schools that offer interior design programs, so you can start your career anywhere you want.

Some of the most common career paths for interior designers include working for a design firm, starting your own business, or becoming a consultant. However, this is definitely a time for specialization. Designers with the greatest name recognition and financial success are those who have specialized.

Specialization most often leads to better profit. Specialists know their work; it is easier to do it because they did it last week.

Interior design has been a broad-based service profession—blanketing residential, contract, and industrial work. In the next decade, however, interior design will be more specialized than it has been, and some of the best and most interesting jobs will probably be in the specialties.

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