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Interior design portfolio and how to get started in 10 steps


Interior design portfolio technically, is a collection of your best work. It is an opportunity that you can showcase a range of skills along with your design style. This should be packaged both creatively and professionally.

There should also be adequate content within your interior design portfolio for someone to look through, and also have a firm understanding of your work without you being there to describe. Equally, there should be points that you can elaborate on within an interview environment.

In brief, think of your portfolio just like an audition, all the attention is on you. This is how you perform and showcase your best design attributes make an impression the judging panel.

Remember, whoever you are trying to impress (potential employee, contractors, investors) will have a limited amount of time to look through your portfolio. This means that your portfolio needs to be visually attractive from the exterior and on each page, so only select the very best content.

10 steps to make your Interior design portfolio

We will look a few of the creative techniques to present your interior design portfolio, as well as how to get started and the information you can include.

  1. Go through all of your work and highlight the good designs you believe to be the best. It is better to get a few strong examples of your projects.
  2. When you have a collection, make a note of good examples you have. Such as sketches, conceptual designs, technical drawing, and images.
  3. Inspect you have a minimum of one example showcasing each skill you have. If you have one piece which shows a range of numerous skills, even better.
  4. Always, try to take a good quality picture with high resolution, and consider lighting techniques, and quality of image. It is beneficial that you can have a digital file of most of your content. Create a separate folder on your computer focused on your portfolio content.
  5. Organize what you have. It might be a good idea to follow the overall order of a design task. This meaning, you might start with concept planks, sketch and design development move on to specialized drawings, sample boards and finish with visuals.
  6. Think about how precisely the presentation of your work.
  7. Although each page is separate, there ought to be some consistency with the design. Perhaps the name is in the same place, or the visible content is set just off center. In the event that you have a brand identity or a logo design, include it.
  8. Add your text. This includes your title for every single page. If you want to include some text to describe a visible try to limit this to a couple of sentences. In this occasion, less is somewhat more.
  9. Once you have all this done, go through your portfolio as it is. Try to view with fresh eyes, perhaps look for another view on your portfolio. Check all of the points above are covered with quality.
  10. Finally, complete your portfolio for the desired output or platform, and it can be helpful to generally maintain your editable version.

Your interior design portfolio is completed now, well arranged and ready to be send.

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I'm Khames, an interior designer and blogger. Here, I love to share my interior design ideas, favorite quotes, stories, and photography from my little journeys throughout the world.

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