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Professional Interior Designer Job Description & Template


It is important to prepare interior designer job description before hiring a new person. This should include the approximate all duties that will be performed; the responsibilities; and the specific skills, education, and experience required.

For some jobs, you can train the new staff member, but for others you need a competent individual who can perform the job immediately.

For this reason, it is better to review your work objectives so that they properly mesh with your staff selection.

Writing Interior Design Job Description

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Generally, writing job description should include the followings:

Job Title

Make job title as descriptive as possible.

Start Date

Start date is the date you will need this new employee.

Immediate Supervisor

Immediate supervisor means to whom will the employee report.

Is the new employee will be an assistant to another designer? So that, whatever the position is, clearly spell out the chain of command.

Required Background

Educational and experience back ground means for example, “This person needs a degree in interior design and three years of experience working in the commercial office-related field.”

Job Responsibilities

List specifics, such as design layout work, or assisting with 3D presentation.

Desired Experience

What kind of experience would be ideal? Perhaps you would like the person to have worked with certain types of projects. Or maybe he or she should be familiar with building regulations and codes.

Travel Requirements

Write down whether the new employee will be handling some out-of-town projects, which will require him or her to travel to other cities. Clarify the percentage of time you want new employee will spend out of town.

Salary Range

Salary is most important thing for any employee. So, give the approximate range, dependent upon qualifications.


Other compensation, such as health insurance, paid vacation days, and merchandise discounts will be great advantages.


Does this position or that firm offer a chance for professional growth?

Interior Designer job description Template

Are you a driven, dedicated Interior Designer which is passionate about interior design. Are you ready to put all your creativity in order to meet and exceed customer expectations?

We are looking for Interior designer with imagination and creativity to undertake a variety of interior design projects from concept to completion.

Interior Designer responsibilities

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  1. Undertake interior design project from concept to completion
  2. Determine all client’s goals and requirements of the project
  3. Interpret and translate customer needs and objectives into plans
  4. Negotiate time frame and set schedules for the project completion
  5. Research & development and decide on materials and products sourcing
  6. Place orders for materials and oversee all installation process of design elements
  7. Work closely with project team such as designers, architects and constructors
  8. Research and follow all industry standards, changes, and best practices

Interior Designer requirements

  1. Proven working experience in the field of interior design
  2. Expertise in layout, space planning, color selection, lighting, and materials
  3. Solid experience in AutoCAD
  4. Excellent presentation skills with SketchUp, 3D Max or other design programs
  5. Digital portfolio of previous works is essential
  6. Good attention to details and custom furniture
  7. Artistic ability, talent, vision, and creativity
  8. Excellent communication and presentation skills
  9. Project and time management skills
  10. Accredited BS degree in Interior Design or similar relevant field

Interior Designer Job Description Importance

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Writing professional interior designer job description enhance the ability to attract good staff. Moreover, good staff is an extremely valuable asset to the company.

In the field of interior design, financial considerations and money are not always the most major ones. Hence, design firms need to do some effort to attract qualified new staff members?

In interior design career, some of the most common ways are through working together on a project, social media such as Behance and LinkedIn and many others.

Other sources of recruitment for new staffers include design schools, organizations such as ASID, IIDA, IFDA, IDS and any professional groups where one has the chance to meet design professionals.

Interior design companies today are looking for people who have advanced skills. Students or fresh graduates make no difference, as the most important concern is how well they can do the job in a professional way.

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