Thoth is the Egyptian God of Writing, Magic, and Wisdom.


Thoth is always my answer when friends asking me about the meaning of my stamp.

In fact, I made the design as an abstract of that Egyptian famous god.


Mostly, his name was taken by the kings of Egypt such as the famous king Tutankhamun & Tuthmoses.

His worship began in Upper Egypt, and the last dynastic era of Egyptian history, marking Thoth’s veneration as among the longest of the Egyptian gods.

Commonly, he is depicted as a man with the head of an ibis with or without a lunar disc above his head.

He was credited with the creation of a number of branches of knowledge such as law, magic, science, religion, philosophy, and writing.
Additionally, he was thought to be an infallible judge capable of rendering completely just decisions.

The Greeks respected and admired him so greatly that they credited him as the originator of all knowledge on earth and in the heavens.

A relief carving of the Egyptian god Thoth from the Temple of Ramesses II (1279-1213 BCE), Abydos.

The ancient story tells that Thoth, the excellent of understanding has observed and wrote down everything that happened and reported it to Ra every morning. He was paired with Seshat the librarian, as the record keeper of all other gods.

Both Thoth and Seshat knew the future as well as the past. They inscribed a person’s fate on the bricks on which their mother gave birth and the length of a king’s reign on Ished tree leaves.

Up till now, Thoth is recognized as an important spiritual entity. He is one of the most famous Egyptian deities in popular culture.

For this reason, I got inspired to use Thoth as my stamp, he is one of the most popular and recognizable goddesses, in the modern world. 

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