what does an interior designer do

What does an interior designer do?


What does an interior designer do? Interior designers create functionally successful and aesthetically attractive interior spaces.

Being an interior designer is a very creative job that requires the ability to put together pieces of art with someone else’s vision.

Interior designers have to have a great understanding of how different colors, materials, textures, shapes, sizes, and styles work together in order to create beautiful spaces for homes, offices, stores, restaurants, etc.

Additionally, becoming an interior designer requires more than enthusiasm and good taste. Successful interior designers must possess technical and administrative skills as well as insights into problem solving, and attention to detail.

What does an interior designer do?

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The term interior designer has been defined and endorsed by many professional societies, schools, and accrediting agencies.

At this writing, according to the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), the definition of interior design and the responsibilities of an interior designer are as follows:

Interior design includes a scope of services performed by a professional design practitioner, qualified by means of education, experience and examination, to protect and enhance the health, life safety and welfare of the public.

These services may include any or all of the following tasks:

Scope of Services:

(01) Research and analysis of the client’s goals and requirements; and development of documents, drawings and diagrams that outline those needs.

(02) Formulation of preliminary space plans and two and three dimensional design concept studies and sketches that integrate the client’s program needs and are based on knowledge of the principles of interior design and theories of human behavior.

(03) Confirmation that preliminary space plans and design concepts are safe, functional, aesthetically appropriate, and meet all public health, safety and welfare requirements, including code, accessibility, environmental, and sustainability guidelines.

(04) Selection of colors, materials and finishes to appropriately convey the design concept and to meet sociopsychological, functional, maintenance, lifecycle performance, environmental, and safety requirements.

(05) Selection and specification of furniture, fixtures, equipment and millwork, including layout drawings and detailed product description; and provision of contract documentation to facilitate pricing, procurement and installation of furniture

(06) Provision of project management services, including preparation of project budgets and schedules

(07) Preparation of construction documents, consisting of plans, elevations, details and specifications, to illustrate non-structural and/or non-seismic partition layouts; power and communications locations; reflected ceiling plans and lighting designs; materials and finishes; and furniture layouts

(08) Preparation of construction documents to adhere to regional building and fire codes, municipal codes, and any other jurisdictional statutes, regulations, and guidelines applicable to the interior space

(09) Coordination and collaboration with other allied design professionals who may be retained to provide consulting services, including but not limited to architects; structural, mechanical and electrical engineers; and various specialty consultants.

(10) Confirmation that construction documents for non-structural and/or non-seismic construction are signed and sealed by the responsible interior designer, as applicable to jurisdictional requirements for filing with code enforcement officials

(11) Administration of contract documents, bids and negotiations as the client’s agent

(12) Observation and reporting on the implementation of projects while in progress and upon completion, as a representative of and on behalf of the client; and conducting post-occupancy evaluation reports.

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