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Bedroom Color Schemes That Will Inspire You


Bedroom color schemes selection is very personal choice. It can reflect your personality, mood, and style. However, there is no one right way to do this, but there are some popular color combinations that can help create a cohesive look in your bedroom.

Additionally, the bedroom is one of the most personal rooms in a home. It is where we retire after a long day and relax. For many people, their bedroom is their sanctuary.

When choosing a color scheme for your bedroom, consider what you like and what will make you feel comfortable.

Choosing the right bedroom color scheme can be a daunting task, but there are a few tips that can help.

  1. Consider your personality and what colors you typically enjoy.
  2. Think about your room’s purpose. Is it a sleeping chamber, or a guest room?
  3. Consider what you like and what will make you feel comfortable.
  4. Take into account your style and how you want your bedroom to look.
  5. Look at the furniture to see what colors work best with the existing walls and flooring.

Bedroom color schemes

There are many different ways to go about this, as there is no right or wrong selection. It is all depend on your personal preferences.

Here are 16 bedroom color schemes to get you started:

Pastel color bedroom paint

Pastel colors are a very special choice because they are calm and soft, as well as comfortable for the eye. It is also a modern and unconventional choice for those who love new ideas.

The bedroom here looks very calm. Quiet green in the background and on the pillows and upholstery. Warm beige in the furniture, plus the touches of white and soft rose. Great design that helps to rest and relax.

Bedroom colors in gray and Orange

Light gray in the bedroom walls gives us the freedom to choose the colors of the furniture and furnishings. This is because gray is a neutral color that can be used with any other color without fear.

To get the best result with gray, you can add some furnishings and pillows in a hot color, such as orange in its degrees, to get a magical combination like this picturesque room.

Navy blue in the bedroom

Sometimes we feel that we need different color scheme. Therefore, there is nothing more beautiful than navy blue, which is considered here as the main color in association with white.

The white and blue bedroom looks really different, especially with the wonderful addition of beige in the floor. The design in general is dynamic, with a feeling of movement and the spirit of the sea.

Plum, Lavender, and Silver

Lavender is a color that is not widely used, but it is distinctive and popular among interior designers. It is calm and elegant and is one of the derivatives of the color violet.

The lavender color in the bedroom here looks great in the background of the bed with some touches of plum color in the pillows. The furnishings are generally strong in colors with brilliant silver touches.

Bedroom in the spirit of "Pistaj"

We rarely see green in the bedrooms, despite the presence of multiple and wonderful shades of it, such as this room in Pistachio Color, which is one of the derivatives of green.

The design is beautiful and has the spirit of vintage decor, with a carefully curated range of colors. We cannot overlook here the beauty of the floor and these light brown rugs, which added a special flavor to the room.

The fascinating purple touches

Purple is the color of royalty and often associated with luxury. It has a gentle and calming effect, making it a popular choice for bedrooms and other spaces where relaxation is key.

In this bedroom the gray and cream are the main colors. However, the fascinating purple touches could also be seen as a sign of wealth and power.

Earthy Bedroom Color Schemes

Earthy colors such as pale and taupe are always a suitable choice for bedrooms. They are warm, endearing, and easily enter the heart.

The bedroom here is a clear example of the beauty of earth tones. Of course, we can inoculate with some other colors, such as the pink which used in the furnishings.

Embrace the Contrast

Contrast is a key part of interior design. It can make a room feel larger or smaller, brighter or darker, and more inviting. There are many different types of contrast, and each can make a room more visually appealing.

Here there is a contrast between dark teal and light rose colors which make the room feel warmer and more inviting.

It is in the Contrast of Light and Dark that Design Happens.

rainbow in the bedroom

Who does not love the appearance of the rainbow after the rain? It always gives us more happiness. So it would be great to bring that feeling into the bedroom.

The white color here represents the background, while the rainbow colors are distributed in the room on the furnishings and accessories, where more positive feelings and a sense of pleasure.

the positive energy of Turquoise

Turquoise is a popular color that is often used as an accent color to any space. Turquoise is derived from the mineral turquoise, it has always been valued as a good emotional helper, and efficient healer to promotes inner peace.

It is one of the great choices in bedrooms, and it is full of positive energy. The bedroom design here has different shades of turquoise, and the white paint is used for the walls to give more space.

Master Bedroom Color Scheme with Coral

In 2019, Coral Color was chosen as the color of the year by experts from the Pantone Institute of Color. But the beauty of this color continues with us because it represents a feeling of warmth and affection.

The walls, ceiling, floor and furnishings here all appear as one unit. In general, the bedroom has a harmonious design that helps calm and relax.

Strong touches are attractive

Despite the simplicity of the room, the strong touches of yellow and navy blue catch your eyes. It is well known that strong colors are always attractive.

The bedroom looks different even though the walls are simply painted with gray, as well as the bed background and curtains. This is due to the beauty of the strong touches in black, navy and yellow.

Neutral Bedroom Color Schemes

Neutral colors can be integrated into any design to develop versatile and elegant atmosphere. They help to create a calming and simple look in any bedroom.

Here, the neutral color bed background is upholstered in leather and divided in a modern way. Walls and furnishings in various shades of cream. White is also present to help create a serene and distinctive bedroom.

Greyish blue & Cream Bedroom

Greyish blue is a color that can be found in the sky and ocean. It is a cool color that can make any room look brighter. This color is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

The combination if blue and cream in this bedroom looks very elegant. The strips in the pillow, chair, and rug looks alive and bring the sense of sea waves into the bedroom.

Neutral colors Pallet

Generally speaking, neutral colors pallet include six colors: white, black, gray, brown, beige, and tan. Neutral are those who don’t typically evoke strong emotional responses. They are standalone as powerful selection to create a calming or harmonious effect in any space.

 In this room, a palette of neutral colors was used, which includes white, black, gray and beige. These colors are always far from risky and give distinctive results.

The Brilliance of White

Some people may prefer a white color in their bedroom to help brighten up the space. Others may feel that a light color is more relaxing and conducive to sleep. Whichever preference you have, the white color is always works brilliantly.

The room here is really distinct in white with feminine touches in pink. There are also some gray and blue to balance the colors.

Bedroom color schemes conclusion

There is no single right way to decorate your bedroom, but there are some popular color schemes that can help create a cohesive look in your space.

Whether you prefer a calming natural palette, or something bolder and more exciting, following some of the pervious popular bedroom color schemes will help you get started.

In fact, we cannot say that one color is superior to the other in bedrooms, because each of us has his own personal taste. For this reason, to create a personalized bedroom environment, consider selecting the colors that best reflect your personality, and makes you feel enjoyed and relaxed.

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